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Erika M. Atkins. Leader. Educator. Performer.

Leader. Educator. Performer.


Photo by Sherrie Nickols

Latest projects

Bloomingdale School of Music
Bloomingdale School of Music

Erika is currently the Executive Director of the Bloomingdale School of Music (New York City). She provides vision, direction, and oversight of the program at the core of the school’s educational mission, oversight of finances, and external affairs. She also oversees the Leadership Team, External Affairs Team, and finance and operations support. Finally, she works with the board and leadership staff to develop the annual and long-range strategic vision and to support board development.

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Rosé All Day Anyways
Rosé All Day Anyways

Erika co-hosts the podcast Rosé All Day Anyways with her best friend, Katie Rainey. Come join them as they explore love, race, femininity, art, the perfect BFF Halloween costume, oh right and the perfect rosé.

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New York City Arts In Education Roundtable
New York City Arts In Education Roundtable

Erika has served on committees for the NYC AIE Roundtable since 2015 and as a Board Member since 2017. She was the Board Secretary from 2018 - 2021 and has served on the following committees: Executive, Teaching Artist Affairs, Communications, Strategic Planning, Board Development, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce.

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